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Welcome to the website of the Guild <Core> in Allods(EU) Zak server.

The guild <Core> is an establishment based on the MMORPG Allods Online.
We recruit new members everyday to fill our slots for end-game content.
We focus on PvE and PvP in a casual way.

Because the game is fairly "new" on EU server, we are recruiting everyone of any level.
You can visit the forums to help each other out or talk about things that doesn't make sense :P.

We hope you enjoy your stay in <Core>. Good luck leveling :)

Update: Guild is full atm, considering a secondary Core guild

~ Systemaker(Slaught in-game)
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Jun 17, 2010 at 04:51 PM
Core Leader
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Looking for Team Leaders

Hello guildies,
The popularity for Core is increasing, people are leveling rapidly and it will take about a month to see alot of people at lv 30-40. So I'm searching for 5 Team leaders to organize grouping etc.
The 5 Team leaders should have the following qualities:
- Common sense
- Able to adapt to various situations
- Able to write or speak clearly (So no writings like: OK GUYS WE GONNA PWN THIZ FO SHO JUST NUKEEEEEEE)
- Sense of leadership(responsiblity etc.)
- Patience
- Be online regulary(Aiming to have at least 1 team leader online everyday)
- Be able to speak English on a decent level
- Loyalty to the guild

A team leader will automatically become an officer in the guild.

If you are interested in a Team Leader position post an application in the Applications section(Guild Section-> Applications) Check the application lay-out before applying